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Round up the Usual Suspects


#tcmff day one: playing cards against humanity with amodernmusketeer & oldfilmsflicker, then partying at the formosa with danschindel, propertyoffrankgrimes and others.

I had an amazeballs time. 

YAAASSSSSS!!! #BreakingtheWaves #LarsvonTrier

Plane reading. #LittleWhiteLies #InsideLlewynDavis

My impromptu #TCMFF yearbook!

Wishful thinking. #KylesGrindrAdventures

ugh I don’t know what I want anymore, besides lots of movies and someone to watch them with. 

jonathanthefilmbuff BUT IT ISN’T THE SAME.

I think that’s fair. #KylesGrindrAdventures

Truth. #KylesGrindrAdventures